The Fight For Resaca May13-15, 1864-Reenactment May 20-22, 2016

Resaca, a small mountain village along the Western and Atlantic Railroad where it crosses the Oostanaula River, was originally known as Dublin, until it was discovered another Georgia town held that moniker. In the late 1840s it was renamed in honor of the major Mexican- American War victory at the Battle of Resaca de la [...]

Saving the Resaca Battlefield: Preserving Fort Wayne for Posterity

The Resaca battlefield, whose integrity was badly undermined during the 1960s when I-75 was constructed through a portion of the field, pushed a call to arms for Civil War preservationists to save what remained.   Following the Battle of Resaca in May, 1864, only 2.5 acres of land on the battlefield had been acquired and preserved [...]

Fort Pulaski: A Milestone in Military History

Fort Pulaski is located on Cockspur Island approximately 18 miles east of Savannah and directly adjacent to Tybee Island. Named for the Revolutionary War hero, Polish Count Casimir Pulaski who was killed during the siege of Savannah, the fort was constructed to protect the seaward approaches to the city. Completed in 1847, Fort Pulaski enclosed [...]

DeKalb County Georgia in the Civil War

On July 22, 1864, Union and Confederate Forces clashed in the largest battle of the campaign, the Battle of Atlanta, with much of the fighting taking place in Eastern DeKalb County.
To the east of the City of Atlanta in DeKalb County, fighting broke out in mid- July between Union and Confederate cavalry in  Stone Mountain [...]

Resaca’s Chitwood Farm Acquisition: The ” Cherokee Battery”

The area of the Resaca Battlefield was the location of heavy fighting as well as the important battlefield landmark, Van Den Corput’s “Cherokee Battery.” Today, the site of the Cherokee Battery can be visited from the Chitwood Farm section of the battlefield. The grand opening of the Resaca Battlefield Historic Site will take place May 13, 2016 at 3:00 pm. More information is available at

Preserving the Resaca Battlefield: From the Green Sisters to the Present

General Johnson fell back from the defenses around Dalton to the small crossroads town of Resaca, determined to make a stand. With his line anchored by the Conasauga River on one end and the Oostanaula on the other, he had 55 thousand men aligned for battle. General Sherman dug in across the valley with two-thirds [...]

Stories of the Civil War in Georgia II

In our second installment of stories we’ll introduce you to Eli Landers, a young Confederate soldier from Gwinnett County. Eli left home in the Summer of 1861, at the age of 19 with an excitement for the adventure war. As you read his letters to his mom, you can see his romantic ideals become more [...]

Stories of the Civil War in Georgia

More than history books ever could, personal accounts of the Civil War give us an idea of what life in those tumultuous years was truly like. The state of Georgia is rich with stories of the War that changed everything. Today’s story is that of Carrie Berry, a ten-year-old girl living in Atlanta during the [...]


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